Join the Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce

Which membership level is right for me?

Individual – $35: This level is for individuals who do not have a business but want to support the Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce and be a part of this organization. This level entitles members to 1 vote.

Artist – $50: The Artist level celebrates the large number of artists in Carrizozo. It is meant for those who do not have an official business, like a brick-and-mortar studio or gallery but still want to be a part of the Carrizozo Chamber community. This level entitles member to 1 vote.

Non-Profit – $75: This level is for non-profit organized under the IRS 501 (c) designation. The Chamber recognizes the volunteer nature that comes with non-profits and is proud to have these organizations as part of the Chamber. 1 vote per membership

Business – $120: The Business membership level is the mainstay of the Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce and the reason for the Chamber’s existence. This level is for business owners who are looking for support and promotion from the Chamber through social media, events, and promotion of tourism.  This level comes with 1 vote per business membership.

Corporate – $250: We welcome any business which wants to add additional support to the Chamber to join at this level. Typically members joining at this level have many employees, are a corporation and have several locations. We greatly appreciate those businesses joining at this level. Entitled to 1vote per membership.

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